Looking for more sales?

Let Verticly Engage help you

Verticly connects the dots between every layer of your campaigns, and the consumers that engage.

  • Greater visibility to brands.
  • Uniquely identify each consumer’s path-to-purchase.
  • Leverage individual consumer data to increase sales and ROI.

Bridges the data gap

Verticly bridges the data gap between campaigns and consumers

For brands, the relationship with consumers isn’t as deep as they’d like it to be. And once in-store, the retailer has all the cards.

At the same time, brands’ investment in advertising can’t be fully attributed – digital gets closer, but out of home, TV and radio are a wilderness.

True performance management seems impossible. But now there’s Verticly.

Media, retailers, consumers – all covered

  • Verticly works across all media so consumers can engage with you. And you can track them.
  • Verticly reaches major retail chains and the hospitality sector.
  • Verticly tells you where your consumers shop, and when, with a unique ID and personal data.

Drive in-store sales

And shopper marketers can…

  • Deliver fully attributable coupons and drive in-store sales.
  • Activate via shelf talker, packs or mobile.