Verticly is the media attribution platform

Delivers total customer attribution offline and online

Driving more effective integrated campaigns with up to 4x ROI

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Attribute from any media

Verticly engages and tracks customers from any campaign activity, whether TV, print, OOH, mobile or desktop through to in store sales

Get closer to customers

Understand exactly what is driving customer engagement with your brand advertising, who is buying, and where

Optimize Marketing Spend

Discover which media is delivering the best results and improve future campaigns


Embed Verticly in your existing media spend to drive attributable sales in-store

Obtain Deep

Combine first party and redemption data to inform marketing decisions based on real customer engagement

Run Sequenced

Customers drive their Lifetime Value through sequenced, targeted campaigns, fully tracked through their Verticly ID

How Verticly helps brands

Get deep insight

  • Powerful Dashboards and Reporting on campaign results tracking consumers from engagement through to in-store redemption
  • Compare results of different media used in the same campaign
  • Download reports with ease
  • Seamlessly integrate with your CRM through our APIs
  • Create custom audiences and lookalikes using rich consumer profiling data
  • Expand reach through powerful native audience onboarding tools

Use cases


Track near real-time impact at the individual customer level

Media Mix Assessment

Know the actual in-store impact of media spend by type of media


Directly in store or by mail with follow up in store visit

Customer Acquisition

Leave “always on” to acquire customers ongoing

Campaign Performance Uplift

Drive higher ROI “out of the box”

Driving In-store Footfall

Increase footfall and attributed customer spend in-store

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Through sequenced campaigns using the deep insight