Verticly can be easily integrated into your current marketing to boost performance,
can be run as as a standalone campaign, or left always-on as a marketing program benefit.

    Attribution promises a vista to look across this increasingly complex data landscape, where marketers know with confidence where to increase spend and which cuts will fund that increase.
    — Forrester Research
  • As programmatic adoption by brand advertisers continues, we expect the emergence of better tools to understand cross-device and cross-channel performance—that is, attribution—in the programmatic context.
    — Joe Laszlo,
    VP Industry, IAB
  • The core problem for P&G is measuring sales. Most of P&G’s products are not bought online. They’re bought in the physical world. Measurement back to ROI continues to be the key KPI for CPGs, auto and retail.
    — Michael Provenzano
    CEO, Vistar Media.


  • Close the data gap between online activity and retail sales giving us a better view of our cross-channel attribution.

  • Unlock valuable consumer data by connecting the dots in each person's individual path-to-purchase. 

  • Drive more sales by using that consumer data to improve the targeting and performance of future campaigns (from media buys to couponing and through loyalty programs).