Verticly integrates with the things you are already doing to grow Customer Lifetime Value.

Today’s fast-paced marketing environment requires campaign platforms that are quick, easy to implement and flexible enough to accomodate any needed mid-campaign optimizations.  Verticly is all that in a platform that integrates with CRM and scales into multi-channel CLV program enablement platform.

- Eric Schwamberger, CEO - Kind Digital

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Why Verticly was created... to connect the dots that grow ROI & Customer Lifetime Value.

“ROI isn’t just a key KPI, it is the KPI and the reason we built the Verticly platform. Being able to more accurately attribute ROIon online to offline sales led us to develop our platform to serve a greater purpose for our customers by providing an easy ways to feed their marketing programs new consumers, while driving the repeat sales and brand loyalty that grows Customer Lifetime Value. That is ROI!”

— Adam Smith, CEO of Verticly

Verticly can help you measure the cross-channel ROI of products bought at Retail.

"The core problem for P&G is measuring sales.  Most of P&G’s products are not bought online. They’re bought in the physical world. Measurement back to ROI continues to be the key KPI for CPGs, auto and retail."

-- Mike Provenzano, CEO of Vistar Media


Verticly Engage your Cross-Channels:

After most coupon campaigns, discounts and offers, brands are left only knowing how many people participated and lack any real actionable ability to extend the value of that marketing expense. Thus, the ROI dies once the effort is over.

After a Verticly campaign, the opportunity to connect with consumers is just beginning. From our first interaction, we can usually tell you everything from their name to their dog’s birthday, if that is important to you. In between, there is a whole lot of obtainable information that can be used to better market to them like HHI, Gender, interests, favorite things, their social influence, where they shop and who their friends are.   Using that power we can run impressively smart campaigns and Customer Lifetime Value enhancing programs.  

Verticly connects the dots between online to offline sales to understand cross device and cross-channel performance of your campaigns.

"As programmatic adoption by brand advertisers continues, we expect the emergence of better tools to understand cross-device and cross-channel performance—that is, attribution—in the programmatic context."

-- John Lazlo, VP of Industry Initiatives (Internet Advertising Bureau)