• Works great alone or integrates with the activities you already have planned
  • Enhances any campaign’s performance when used as an activation tactic
  • Improves media effectiveness through proprietary customer data
  • Improves the ROI of your campaigns while providing online to offline attribution
  • Easy and cost effective to implement into your marketing as an always on, or a one-off tactic

Provides data required to optimize your marketing campaigns

Integrates with CRM and scales into multi-channel CLV program enablement platform. Integrates seamlessly with the things you are already doing.

Full integration of your coupon strategies & campaigns with your Digital, Social, CRM and CLV activities to drive additional purchases while getting additional benefits of customer learning, social advocacy, increased loyalty and brand activation.
Works great as a primary campaign or as an added-value performance boost.
The more you integrate VERTICLY ENGAGE℠, the harder it works to determine ROI (coupon to store) with complete channel attribution (banner to tweet). 
Works across all devices and media at the times most likely to drive sales and brand loyalty.

Improves the ROI of each activity and the customer lifetime value of each consumer.

Improves its effectiveness and return with each interaction.

Delivers relevant and targeted content to consumers in real-time.