Mobile Engagement

Merging location, identity, offers and redemption into one personalised ad unit that drives more footfall and increases sales.

Audience Targeting

Segmenting customers to find look a like audiences on mobile and social.

ROI Loop

Pin Point tracking of customers and media ROI from ad unit to redemption.

Social Engagement

Encourage your audience to provide insight and sales engagement through social media.

“Online to Offline Commerce is a Trillion Dollar Opportunity”


Attention Grabbing Interaction

Connect with potential customers with an advertising touch point via our system to a mobile web page, which encourages them to engage with the brand socially in return for an offer...

Personalised Engagement

A mobile ad / offer can then be tailored to each individual based on a number of external factors such as likes, friends, locations, weather and history.

Closing the Loop

By linking marketing touchpoint, consumer identity and redemption into one ad unit which can be redeemed in-store, Verticly ties online retail in with offline behaviour.

Find out how verticly can increase engagement with your customers...

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