Data that drives purchase

Verticly is a platform that exchanges data between the world's largest brands, retailers and audiences, to deliver personalised engagement, which drives sales.

90% of the worlds digital audience at your fingertips.

Seamless connection to people, connecting to the internet of everything.

Use deep insights about your customers to tailor the content delivered across social, display and publisher placements to understand who they are and what and where they are engaging.

Enable any type of media to deliver rewards.

Create a personal connection between your brand, your customer and the point of purchase.

In exchange for consumer data and social amplification, rewards can be redeemed across thousands of physical and digital locations. One connection to Verticly, is a connection to hundreds of thousands of retailers across the UK, Europe and the USA.

Get personal with your targeting.

Personalised messaging as individual as your customers.

Deliver dynamically optimised content with intelligent algorithms utilising thousands of data points, which learn from consumer behaviour. It’s real time, content personalisation, across all channels.

Re-engage with an already identified consumer.

Connect with the audience who have already shown a propensity of interest in your brand.

With one to one personalised messaging across email, display and social channels, start using data effectively.

Track your customers and optimise your spend for maximum ROI.

From tablet to till. We connect customers to data improving omni-channel campaigns.

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A Creative and thought leading approach to your data

Create innovative campaigns with the Verticly platform, which allow you to collect valuable real time data about your audience. Verticly enables you to offer fantastic rewards, which strengthens the bond between your brand and your customer.

Integrate seamlessly into their product experience by using familiar login platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Simple Integration

Use existing platforms and ad formats as a touch point to engage your audience with exclusive content or offers.

Hashtags as Touch Points

Verticly uses hashtags to allow users to engage with a campaign. Once they re-tweet the content, the Verticly platform listens out for the # and responds.

Rich Engaging Content

Gain consumers’ attention through engaging content delivered directly to their mobile and tablet device.

Video, images, text and gamification create rich interactions, which can all be hosted and served by the platform and do not require additional downloads.

Unobtrusive Data Collection

Easy to action engagment points to gather data, using familiar social platforms consumers are used to engaging with such as Twitter and Facebook.

Reward and Grow

Grow your audience by offering fantastics rewards that resonate with your customer.

Create rewards that can be redeemed online and offline, to learn more about who your customers are.

Total Attribution

Attribute your marketing spend by collecting data from social touchpoints that customers interact with.

The challenge for Retailers

Poor visibility of your advertising effectiveness and an inability to attribute between on and offline sales? Drive customers to purchase across offline and online channels.

The solution

An O2O platform attributing the complete customer journey, providing personalised content and enabling 1-2-1 communication to allow data to drive sales.

The challenge for Manufacturers

Reclaim the ownership of the consumer and redirect buying to brands own buying channels to retain margins.

The solution

Connect advertising to offers, whilst linking online retailer channels to offline sales.

Verticly, the platform that makes the data that matters, work where it matters

Verticly connects the dots between online and offline customer data, to deliver consumers real-time personalised content across all devices, when it’s most likely to drive sales and retain brand loyalty.

Set up campaigns in just minutes using a SaaS based platform, which can quickly create fully interactive mobile experiences that link any advertising touch-point to both high street real estate and ecommerce sites.


Seamlessly connect to over 90% of the world’s digital audience.


Enable any type of media to deliver rewards, which can be redeemed instantly.


Deliver dynamically optimised content with intelligent algorithms.


One to one personalised messaging across omni-channel media.


Access real time analytics and insights, in a simple, configurable dashboard.

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The solution for today’s omni channel landscape

Across all media channels to branded content, our team of consultants will work with you to determine how best to use the platform for your brand. Harness the most effective form of advertising to communicate with your customers.

Channel attribution

Determine which advertising channels are driving the highest conversions to ensure accurate allocation of brand spend.

Vouchering for brands and retailers

Link Facebook, Twitter and Email accounts to a consumer to enable tracking of their in-store and online purchasing. Retarget the same consumer at a later date using custom social ads to further encourage engagement.

Twitter to store

Harnessing already familiar social habits, create a unique twitter handle that connects consumers with branded content to drive revenue and direct response.

Omni-channel retargeting

Connect real estate and intent data to programmatic buying to close the loop on the purchase cycle.

Personalised messaging cloud

Use data to deliver peronalised content and offers to consumers in real time.

Programmatic commerce

Real Time Bidding allows more control over serving the right advert, to the right consumer at the right time. Couple this with purchase data to enhance a highly targeted digital campaign.


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